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Katarina "Carmen" Witt

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Posted 05 December 2014 - 03:28 AM

Katarina "Carmen" Witt


"Two-time Olympic figure skating champion Katarina Witt German December 3, celebrates birthday. Sport Stories decided to recall some of the highlights in the life of a skater to try to understand its phenomenon.

Sport Stories decided to recall some of the highlights in the life of a skater to try to understand its phenomenon.
Who hates women and men idolize? That's right, a real woman. One that looks flawless, even almost 50. The one who knows that she looks perfect in almost 50. And what can we say about the times when the real woman is young, self-confident, resolute in his bold and daring deeds. This was the figure skater Katarina Witt. She was fascinated, maddening did it effortlessly, but not willfully. She said that she does not care about outer beauty, and assured me that wants to change people's minds, but many took her word for flirting. She imitated, talking about her, her learned adored her. It could hate, but not to admire her it was impossible.

Katarina Witt was first performed at a major international tournament - European Championships 1979 - at age 14 and took 14th place. In 1982 she became the vice-champion of Europe and the world. In 1984, in Sarajevo on 19-year-old Katie (as she was called at home) won the Olympic Games. Four years later, in Calgary she defended her title. And Witt six times became European champion and won four world championships. An impressive list, is not it?

Born future champion in 1965 near Berlin. Was faithful and full of love for their homeland, because there are her family, which she could never leave. More than once she got the chance to go to the West, but so far it has not gained the confidence to be able to go back, Witt did not even think about such a serious step.

"If I was in the West, I could not see their parents. And you know, there is no such check and the amount that would be "outweighed" it. Even freedom was not enough for me a good reason. Now I understand that my government to use me. At that time we did not have access to other ideologies. I could not enjoy the freedom, because I did not know it. But I was eager for our system and proudly came abroad, where he was supposed to represent my country, "- says Witt.

But separation from family, perhaps, was the only factor that could make Katie to stop thinking about the West. Through all her sporting life, through its programs and costumes always broke inner voice, which at that time could be heard only 'Iron Curtain'. And at home - only many years later. But, despite all the political obstacles, Katie really was heard. It has been called "the most beautiful face of socialism", although hardly Witt could be called submissive Curatrix socialist canons. But its popularity in the West athlete learns much later.

There are many examples of the fact that a society with a special thrill refers to those who in their lives to sacrifice something, depriving yourself of something suffered. Looking ahead, we say that Katarina Witt made a conscious choice in favor of a career, thus putting an end to family happiness. Such women have met some misunderstanding, others share their position, and some even envy. It is said that to realize the idea can be used only if you are obsessed with it. Titles that are able to win Katie, her success and international recognition show that it is clearly seen goal towards which was, and very clearly understood for what generally lives. And the sacrifices that she brought, most were aware and justify the decision.

"You can not have everything you want, though, of course, often want to have just everything. I was already happy and love and serious relationships with men, I can not complain. As I can not sacrifice for the sake of men profession to stop working. I'm happy with what I have. I have many friends. My favorite work. And I'm vain. Money plays a secondary role for me, the main thing that I burned the thing that I do, "- said Witt.

But it would be unfair to deceive the reader by saying that the sex symbol of her time Katarina Witt was not noticed by Cupid, and it lacked male attention. "I remember a funny episode with the Games-88 - says skater. - American coach Carlo Fassi led to the stadium to congratulate me famous Italian skier Alberto Tomba, reputed famous heartthrob. He then won two Olympic gold medals, as I had no idea, and with all the immediacy asked beaming with pride Italian: "And where did you managed to grab these medals?" Alberto already choking - how could I not know anything about it, the great!'

So what is it? Lie? Bravado? About this suitors as Tomba, dreamed hundreds of thousands of women. In fact, Catherine was so absorbed in preparation for her performance that she missed the opening ceremony of the Games, and especially could not afford to watch the performances of athletes in other sports. What there thoughts about the cavalry!

Here is another interesting fact - 10 years after the victory at the Olympics in Calgary editors of the famous «Playboy», finally managed to reach an agreement on Witt candid photoshoot. "While I acted, photographed nude for me was unthinkable. Only after I left the big sports, decided to try to work with them "- so Witt explained his decision. For the second time in the history of the magazine (and until today) edition of the room was completely sold out! Only the first issue of «Playboy» Marilyn Monroe on the cover also dismantled without a trace.

Such hype is not accidental. And parallel to the Monroe here is not that they are both sex symbols of his time, and perhaps of all time. The secret is that Monroe and Witt quite deliberately behaved, what would look like in the eyes of his admirers. And the importance of the presence of romance novels in the life of each of these women is undeniable. Agree, would have been able to make such cutesy Monroe and incredibly desirable in the performance of the famous «Happy birthday, Mr President», if that juicy story was not in her real life? And did we would have had to create Witt on the ice that same "Carmen" with which she won the Olympics-88, if she did not know what love, passion and seduction in life? If did not realize is how much love her and that she was one of its eyes can "kill"? In Calgary on the ice in any program we have not seen Katarina Witt. She did not play Carmen, she lived it on ice.

"Carmen haunted me since I performed this program in Calgary. In preparation for the Games, I completely devoted herself to work on this performance, honing every action, thought, opinion. After the Olympics, I tried to throw it all out of my head, but it did not work. It seems to me that "Carmen" will always be part of me "- says Witt.

Honestly, now hard to imagine that the American tabloids on the eve of the Games headlines "Battle of two Carmen". Alas, there are few who remember, whose performance spectators and fans saw then a second Carmen. Katie basis rival at the time was considered an American Debi Thomas, who also began to prepare for the Olympics ... "Carmen" to the music of Bizet. But even the legendary Mikhail Baryshnikov could not breathe in the program of Thomas that it was possible to put into ice Witt.

"It was not to become rich and famous, and to be the best at something," - once said Katie. And even in a single German program was the best of the best. The image was laid out down to the smallest details, and suit ... Oh, this costume! "It starts from the bottom very late and ends on top of very early" - that while the newspapers about the dress Witt. The thing is that the flesh-colored fabric at the neckline was barely distinguishable from afar, and your feet ... In general, few could stand in front of her.

"When I put on a suit, is entirely consistent with my compositions, I feel much better - retorted Vitt.- And then, why I can not stress that really attractive?" By the way, in the short program at the Olympics, she appeared in the image show-girls, which also shocked the public. The costume consisted of a leotard and feathers, which barely covered hip skater. According to the "rule of Katharina", which prepared the International Skating Union, the athletes had to continue to ride in dresses or skirts. Only now interpret these concepts are very ambiguous. But after 2004 the figure skater and all had the opportunity to speak in the pants or tights. "Actually, I think, to introduce too many rules where creativity is valued above all else, is not very reasonable," - said on this score Witt.

If Katie has not won his second Olympic title, she still would have remained undefeated. Still, it was gold for her principal. "Only when the victory in Calgary, I could count on leaving the United States and Canada to participate in ice shows. And I realized that I needed a second Olympic victory, to realize his dream - to be able to continue to ride "- says Witt.

As we have noted, the West Witt waited incredible popularity, which skater did not even know. In America, it was compared with Hollywood star Brooke Shields - they were like as two peas. When they finally met, in the newspapers wrote: "The most beautiful face of socialism met with the most beautiful face of capitalism."

With the completion of amateur career Witt continued to skate in the show, and in parallel acted in movies, dabbled in the role of presenter, organized a charity. By the way, one of the films that played Witt, was "Carmen on Ice". There sang leading roles legendary skaters Brian Boitano and Brian Orser. And she Katie was awarded the prestigious "Emmy".

"In 2008, I finally said goodbye to figure skating and ice since then did not come out. I have a family and could not, as has concluded that it is not designed for family life. Since then involved in various projects and habitually do everything 100% ", - told Witt shortly before Sochi 2014.

After the fall of the Berlin Wall Witt found that since 1973, "Stasi" led her constant surveillance. Over time, part of the file became available to the public, and the press has put forward to the Witt accusations that she worked for the security service of the GDR. In his autobiography, athlete denied these statements. For a long time fan of Katie pursued distraught, covered not only her love letters, but also threatening letters. That such was the price for the fact that it can fully given to the cause of his life.

Unruly and unconquered, Katarina Witt belonged to everyone and no one. Her obsession began and ended in figure skating. "I've always told myself out on the ice, 'Or you'll act very aggressively, or forget about figure skating! Cautious athletes do not happen. "I loved to ride the latest, when the voltage reaches a maximum. Air skating rink became so thick that it seemed it could be cut. But I never showed emotion, though, of course, very worried. My coach Frau Müller said: 'Your tears no one should see. No matter how difficult, smile! "And she smiled. Around the world. And the whole world was at her feet." (Google translation)

text and photos here: http://sportstories....695.html#page=1

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